1. We're building the world's largest pipeline of future female engineers.
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        After school clubs for 3rd-12th grade girls to explore coding in a fun & friendly environment
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        Summer Immersion Programs
        2-week summer programs for rising 10-12th grade girls to learn coding & gain exposure to tech jobs
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        College Loops
        College programs to help our alumni succeed and build community with other women in tech
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        Who runs the world?

        Girls Who Code has over 8,500 programs worldwide, and we’re growing fast! Find a Club, Summer Immersion Program, or College Loop near you or get one started.

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        You can't be what you can't see.
        We created free lesson plans featuring women in tech for teachers to use wherever they fit into the school day—from math to history to computer science. Using these lesson plans, students can explore the hidden history of women in tech, and uncover how to think like a computer scientist.
        Katherine Johnson - WIT Poster
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        Girls Who Code Goes to the Super Bowl
        Girls Who Code was featured in an Olay Super Bowl commerical Olay alongside Katie Couric, Taraji P Henson, Nicole Stott, Busy Philipps, and Lilly Singh. For every tweet using #MakeSpaceForWomen, Olay donated $1 to Girls Who Code.
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        "Girls Who Code changed my life. I found a new interest that eventually became a plan for a college major, and a new confidence in my ability to accomplish things because I want to, not because they're easy.”
        Andrea Gonzales, Alumna
        300,000 girls coding worldwide

        The gender gap in tech has been getting worse, but Girls Who Code is changing that. Our alumni go on to major in Computer Science at 15X the national average.

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